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CFAC Featured Member for
September 2003
Don Schwartzburg
"The accordion has always been a part of my life it seems; have had
3 starting with a 110 bass . . . .  "
Born and raised in Milwaukee, Don took lessons at
"OCHS House of Music".  The music store had three
levels of student accordion bands of approximately
30 to 40 students each.  Once a year, the store
would rent a concert hall for a concert.
Entertaining CFAC members, March 2003
Don says "I've always had people who played an accordion
for an influence".   They were his uncle Elroy, and his
mom's cousin Audrey who taught at "LoDuca Brothers" in

In 1956, Don played with a small local group for the
"4-H" dances and small weddings.   However, the group
disbanded due to many being drafted.  
Uncle Elroy
Milwaukee 1947
Don & friend, 1948
Recently, Don was given Audrey's accordion who had passed away.  He took it to CFAC member
Vince Aleandri for an evalualtion.   Don says "It's a beautiful box which I value very much."  Don
has quite an extensive collection of accordion albums, tapes and CDs including artists like Leon
Sash, Charles Magnante and Tommy Gumina to mention a few.   
"I feel fortunate to have
met many entertainers like
Dick Contino, Myron
Floren, Frank Yankovic,
and many big band leaders
who's music is the other
interest of mine".
Don & friend, Norm
Pewaukee, Wis., 1952
Don's other friend !
Don's friend
During a recent cruise on the Constellation in the Baltic, Don had a CD autographed by
a pianist Brook Aehron that reads "To my favorite accordionist . . "
How about that ?


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