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Tommy Doyle
Tommy Doyle, was born in Cloonocool,
Co. Sligo, Ireland. Tommy ‘s first
introduction to music was received from
his father Luke, himself a violin player.
With Luke ‘s guidance and further
encouragement, Tommy studied violin
under the well known Sligo violinist,
Patrick Cook.  Patrick taught Tommy to
become a fluent reader of music, which
made the transition from violin to
accordion easy.  By the age of fifteen,
Tommy had begun his professional music
career playing local dances in his native
county, Sligo.
Age 18
Age 35
After immigrating to the United States, Tommy was soon drafted into the US Army.  Along
with his army training in the Far Fast, Tommy played USO shows for the Armed Forces in
Japan and Korea.

With his service obligation completed, Tommy furthered his music studies at the Hartnett
School of Music in New York City majoring in music theory, harmony, music composition and
orchestral arranging where he graduated in 1964, and then completed extension courses in
arranging at the Julliard School of Music also in New York City.

Tommy Doyle's work was not just as a performer, his arranging and writing skills can be
found in two books written for accordion, in collaboration with Paddy Noonan, for the Glen
Eagle Publishing Company.   Many of his arrangements can be heard on recordings distributed
by Rego records in garden City, NY.

With this kind of music educational background, it is no wonder that Tommy Doyle became a
leading figure and popular band leader in the Irish and Pop music fields, and is seen and heard
on his many radio and television appearances in the United states, Europe and Canada.  Tommy
was inducted into the American-Irish Musicians’ Hall of Fame in 1995 for his contribution to
Irish music.  As a sought after teacher in the metropolitan area of New York City and as an
accomplished popular musician/band leader in the Irish Music and Pop Music fields, he is
known to many throughout the eastern seaboard, from Boston to Cleveland, and from Canada
to Florida.

In 1999, Tommy retired to Florida to enjoy his golden years basking in the sun. However, his
desire to teach is strong and he now has a successful teaching business in Indialantic, Florida
where he teaches accordion (piano and button), violin, flute, piano/keyboarding and sequencing.
With Myron Floren
Tommy pictured w/ Carmen Carrozza


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