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Central Florida Accordion Club
Featured Member for May, 2007
 Tony Errico
Tony began lessons in the 3rd grade

Music speaks loudly to the souls of some people.  It becomes a language of the heart, a means of expressing joy and

surviving sorrow.  This is the case with Tony Errico, who in 3rd grade was compelled by his mother to take accordion

lessons.  Growing up in Morristown, New Jersey, Tony studied with Mr. Garafano.  He remembers toting his 12 bass,

and then later his 120 bass, to school on days when he had lessons.


As a boy, that little 120 Bass Acmette seemed heavy!  Later he took lessons from Ralph Elardi in Florham Park.  He

stopped lessons in 9th grade but never stopped loving the accordion.  His mom bought him a Sano Stereo 30, with a

Sano Amp, and for a while he continued to play and learn on his own.


In 1972, when he first dated Jessica, he had no idea that accordion music would

provide the language of love to woo his bride-to-be.  Her first request was “Moon River,”

and she was enchanted with the melody and his talent.  Years later, after their wedding

in 1978 and while living in Toledo, Ohio, Tony played a brief stint in a Mexican Restaurant

(La Familia Villa) owned by Ezekiel Villa.  Ezekiel was a Mexican pastor who led both

Tony and Jessica to the Lord.


Then, except for occasional promptings to play for family, the accordion stayed in the

closet for most of the ensuing 20 years.  One exception was in 1990, when he donned

wig, sunglasses and a T@-Shirt that read ASqueezin= for Jesus@ to play in a church talent

show.  Another way his accordion came in handy was for leading worship songs in Mazatlan,

Mexico, where he and his family served for 6 months as missionaries with a small relief organization.


After meeting Jimmy Bubaloni in 2005 and learning about CFAC, Tony decided to make time for his love of music and joined  

the club soon after.  He appreciates the encouragement he receives from club members as he tries to hone

his skills, playing jazz, Latin, praise, and contemporary music.  Keeping it in the family, he recently purchased a 12 bass

accordion for Jessica and hopes to begin teaching her how to play soon.

Tony plays at CFAC


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