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Central Florida Accordion Club
Featured member for August, 2004
Peggy Cusumano
With Anne Smith, January 2004
8 years old
Peggy was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  When she was eight years old her mother
purchased a 12 bass accordion for her brother which included some free lessons.  After a few lessons, her
brother’s teacher told her mother that he was not suited to play the accordion.  It was then that Peggy’s mother
asked her if she would like to take the remaining free lessons.  The rest is history.
With Kenion Thompson (left)
and Brian Fitzgerald
Age 18
Peggy continued her studies and in a few short months was playing beyond the 12 bass level.  She then
received her first 12 bass accordion.   Her studies continued into her teen years.  Peggy’s interest shifted
to piano and then organ.  Next came marriage and family.  Peggy still played but only occasionally.  As the
children grew and required less attention, Peggy returned to her love of music.  She started taking organ
lessons again and eventually landed a job playing at a skating rink.  At that time, she was also teaching piano,
accordion and organ in her home.  Peggy also aspired to have a college education.  In 1978 she entered
Glassboro College (Rowan University) where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology cum
laude in 1981.  She worked in many hospitals, in cancer research and as a laboratory manager.  After
retiring, Peggy moved to Orlando.  She decided to learn how to play classical guitar and has been studying
ever since.  In 2002, she read an ad for the CFAC, got the accordion ‘out of the closet’, and joined in May
2003.  She recently accompanied Anne Smith in concert who had just returned from a two year engagement
with Disney in Tokyo, and played in concert with Bryan Fitzgerald and Kenion Thompson at St. Luke’s United
Methodist Church.  Peggy also plays guitar in St. Luke's Liturgical Jazz Band and plays classical guitar and
keyboard for many programs.   She is also a member of the Sanctuary Choir.  Peggy enjoys the CFAC for the
many friends and fine musicians he has met there.   


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