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Central Florida Accordion Club
Featured Member for November, 2003

Genie Harris
At the age of 6 after only one year of study, Genie won first place in her division at the
state Rocky Mountain 16th Annual Accordion festival.  In her category, she was the
youngest among 200 contestants from all over Colorado . . .
Genie Harris was born and raised in
Denver, Colorado.  Her
grandparents raised her and early
on took the opportunity to
introduce Genie to the accordion.  
She was five years old when she
began private lessons and playing in
band, all led by her first teacher,
Mary DelVecchio.  She entered her
first competition at 6 years of age
at the Rocky Mountain Accordion
Society competition, held in Denver.
 She placed first in her division.  
She was the youngest contestant
that year
Genie performed at the Accordionist & Teachers
Guild International
(ATG) convention here in
Orlando, June 2002
Genie entered the
Little Miss Denver
pageant at age 9 and
‘Miss Entertainment’.

By the time she was
13 she had earned 27
trophies from various
contests and festivals.  
Several years later her training continued with the Fred Miller Studio.  She continued to
perform at various functions, band practice every Tuesday night, etc.  At age eight she also
began to play violin and organ.  She was often found performing at her church, nursing homes,
and even played on TV once with “Bozo the Clown.”
As her interest in music grew, so did her desire to
be a music teacher.  So under the careful eye of
her instructor, Fred Miller, she began teaching at
age 13.  During the rest of her teen years she
continued to teach, compete in Band competitions,
and to play her other instruments (piano, organ,
violin, voice).  
Once she completed high school she continued her
education at Rockmont Christian College with a
psychology degree.  Teaching was always her first
love, though, and has remained her primary career
for over 30 years.  She currently carries a
teaching load of about 25 students.
Genie warmly acknowledges her gratefulness to her early
and ongoing exposure to accordion music.  “This is where I
learned all my classics and so much theory.  I was
introduced to all kinds of ethnic music and jazz.  I will
always be grateful for the place accordion has played in
my life.”

Genie has been happily married to her husband, Steve,
(who plays cello and sings) for over 22 years.  They have
over 30 years of church musician experience in various
capacities and currently play their string instruments and
sing as part of their church worship team.   They reside in
East Orlando near the University of Central Florida.



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